Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So how does one actually go about blogging? What is the topic for your first blog?

Things happen everyday, and I say, "I'm gonna blog about this." Well, duh. Can I actually create a blogging account first?

Actually, I started this blog because I had visited Sleepless in Samoa, a blog belonging to Lani Wendt Young, author of Telesa: The Covenant Keeper. I just finished reading it and my honest reaction: "Holy crap, I friggin' love it!" (in everyday conversation, I say "holy crap" a lot...) Anyway, I only just got my copy of the book in the mail yesterday, sent from a good friend of mine. She is awesome. I think I've already thanked her a hundred times for my copy.

Yes, I took a picture of my mail and posted it on Facebook.

 I started reading last night, finished it this morning. I was completely taken away in the reading. There were so many things in the book that made me think of Samoa. I miss Samoa. There is a point in the book where siva and the tuiga are explained. The tuiga, made with light-colored human hair. On of my aunties was visiting from Samoa last year, and she had asked if she could cut my hair to take back with her to Samoa to make a tuiga. According to a friend of mine, my hair has this "natural ombre" thing going on. I have dark roots, and then the brown just fades to a light brown/dirty blonde at the tips. It's also kinda...um, big. Obviously, I said no. Sorry, but my hair is like my baby.

The author touches on the malu, the traditional tattoo for Samoan women. I got my malu done in November of 2008. While I read, I thought of my own personal experience. Really, all I can do is think about it. I have no pictures of those long 5 hours it took to cover my legs in ink, or the ceremony after, because some jerkface punks broke into our house, and stole nothing but my camera. They stole my camera that had the only record of one of the most defining moments I have had in my life.
The love story between Leila and Daniel...makes you wish you had that kind of story. Daniel is THEE perfect Samoan boy that every girl wants. Too bad he doesn't exist, aye?!

Anyway, reading Telesa has gotten me revved up and ready to head back to the motherland this summer, back to Apia. Now, who wants to pay for my trip?!